How To Add $649K/month New Business Revenue in 7 Months Without Relying On Inbound Leads, Referrals or Attending Networking Events

All whilst streamlining your lead generation process, increasing profit margins and positioning you as a market leader

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12-Month Growth Plan For Your Business

A 12-month growth plan specifically for your business. Contains the framework that generates $1.2m in sales in 30 days.

Exclusive Sales & Marketing AssetsExclusive access to sales and marketing toolkit. Proven in Fortune 500 companies, packed with templates, scripts, and winning strategies.

In-Depth Insights For Your MarketUnderstand the hidden reasons why your business isn't growing at the pace it could be and discover strategies to accelerate your growth.

Trusted By Over 50 Organisations Around The Globe

Who Is This For

Leaders of established companies who are committed to growing their outbound revenue

Businesses that want a steady stream of long-term contracts and predictable growth for years to come

Leaders that are worried about cash flow and need to keep their sales pipeline full without wasting cash

Business who have already wasted thousands on agencies who overcharge, overpromise and underdeliver

Companies aiming to modernise their sales and growth methods and stand out in a saturated marketplace

Leaders that know their company can grow faster, they just haven’t figured out how yet

This Is What You Can Expect

✅ A proven market, sales, lead-gen and scaling strategy that will cope with any amount of scale

✅ A new system that finds and converts your dream clients into high-paying customers.

✅ A collection of high quality sales & marketing assets which will build trust with your brand on autopilot

✅ A proven strategy that accumulates free cash flow without wasting time and money

Success Stories

How Solace went from $300k to $1M MRR in 7 months

"So much better than hiring in-house. Cheaper, don't have to train, years of experience, and get the benefits of knowing what is currently working for other clients.It has been extremely easy to work with Klicked. My favorite part has been their ability to adjust with us on the fly. With Klicked you are receiving the knowledge of an agency, with the communication and workability of an in-house team member."Kohl Henry
Co-Founder & CEO of SB

Solace's Revenue Growth in 2022

After partnering with us, they experienced remarkable results, generating an additional $118,000 in sales within just 30 days. Leveraging our key pillars, their growth was compounded, propelling them from $300,000/mo to over $1,000,000/mo in less than 7 months.

How VAXA increased their monthly sales calls by 4x and landed multiple 8-figure clients

"Their unique onboarding process ensured they understood my brand's voice, and their campaigns have led to a consistent 4X increase in our sales call bookings. More importantly, we're attracting high-quality leads and landing clients with significant spending power. In just over a month, we've already secured multiple clients thanks to Klicked."Justin Kelsey
Founder and CEO of VAXA

How CrunchTech 5x'd their sales and top line revenue

We've been using Klicked for the better part of a year and it's been truly amazing. We tried to do email management in-house prior and we just never saw the results.As soon as the Klicked team partnered with us, we saw an immediate lift in sales and a noticeable increase to our top of the line. It's a no-brainer for us.Kevin Meyer
Founder and CEO of CrunchTech Inc.

How MOF grew their topline sales by 15% in 45 days with zero ad spend

"Choosing Klicked was a game-changer. Within just 2-3 weeks, they boosted our top-line revenue by 15 to 20%, giving us the freedom to expand on our sales and marketing efforts.They handled our partnership with expertise, professionalism, and friendliness. If you're hesitant about investing in working with Klicked, I wholeheartedly recommend them. Their amazing job and collaborative approach make them an invaluable partner for driving growth and success."Stef van Vliet
Managing Director of MOF

How ConversionWise upsold their existing client base and increased LTV by 57%

"We've been active for nearly nine years and thought we were successful, until we partnered with Klicked. Their performance blew us away.They go above and beyond and deliver outstanding results. James and Oscar, thank you so much – we couldn't do it without you. Thanks guys!"Oliver Kenyon
Co-Founder of ConversionWise

How BOW increased their outbound sales by 10x without making a single phone call

"Klicked has taken our business's marketing to a whole new level, exceeding our expectations. Despite our small target market, they quickly optimized our revenue generation, resulting in bringing in 10 times its normal monthly revenue.I can't speak highly enough of the great team at Klicked and the invaluable impact they've had on our business."Conor Duggan
Co-Founder of BOW

How Huddled Group filled their sales pipeline and increased lead flow by 1000% from a single marketing channel

"From the moment we engaged with them, they made the process incredibly seamless and efficient. The results they delivered were simply extraordinary. Early on in the project, their involvement led to a staggering almost 1000% increase in revenue from a new revenue channel within the first month.Their team is exceptionally easy to work with, and the outcomes they achieve truly speak for themselves."Andy Haskins
VP of Huddled Group

How Does It Work?

Outsmart with AI-Powered Market Insights

We harness the power of AI to deliver immediate and precise insights into your market landscape, opportunities, and competitors. This enables you to swiftly pivot and seize opportunities before others, allowing you to secure more long-term contracts faster.

Outshine with Go-To-Market Excellence

We develop a 12-month growth plan specifically for your business, create compelling value propositions, and refine your offers to ensure they resonate with your target audience.

Outperform with Multichannel Lead Generation

We empower you to outsmart your competitors by implementing strategies that drive a steady flow of qualified leads into your sales funnel, ensuring your sales team can focus on closing deals.

Outsell with Sales & Conversion Dominance

We equip your business with top-tier sales and marketing assets that are designed to captivate your audience, drive engagement, and maximize conversions.

Outgrow with Continuous Improvement

We help you optimize your resources, conduct continuous testing and iteration, and explore new growth channels to ensure your business continues to grow and expand beyond your current limits.

Two Guarantees

We give you two guarantees to protect your investment. A 30-Day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. AND we'll promise you'll double your investment in us, or work for free until you do.We prioritize your satisfaction and success, and we back our promises with complete confidence.

Executive Team

James is a growth expert with an outstanding track record of $20 million in sales for our clients. His growth expertise is invaluable, driving your team to discover fresh opportunities and achieve remarkable revenue growth, leading to great success.

James Bennett
Co-Founder & Growth Expert

Oscar is a marketing expert with a strategic approach to engaging key industries and target customers. His ability to develop and implement marketing strategies will be key to generating qualified sales meetings and increasing your brand awareness.

Oscar Hoole
Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Alice is a branding expert with a over a decade of experience leading projects for multiple high-profile organisations, including McLaren, Vantage, and Bloomberg. Her deep understanding of global market trends & strategies makes her an invaluable extension to your team.

Alice Ong
Co-Founder & Brand Director

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you guarantee results?

We work exclusively with one partner each month. We are highly selective with the clients we work with and only collaborate with companies we KNOW we can deliver 100% of the time, hence our guarantees.

What if it doesn’t work at all?

All the systems and processes remain in-house so you can continue to scale after our contract finishes.

How quickly will I see results?

You will see a significant increase in pipeline in less than 6 weeks. Top line revenue growth will depend on sales cycle, but most clients profit within 6 months.

What do you need from me?

Simple and low investment of your time.The majority of the service is done-for-you, however the first 4-6 weeks require time from your team to get 'under the bonnet' of existing processes. Once up and running there will be weekly meetings and on-going live support.

How much of your time do we get?

As long as necessary to achieve the desired results. We are fully invested in your success and will successfully complete all task without any excuses. We are partners. Your growth is our growth and your success dictates ours.

What happens when the engagement ends?

We are replicating a tried-and-tested model that has provided us with a 100% success rate. We invest in the partnership to ensure its success. Not only have we achieved a 100% success rate, but all of our clients have asked us to expand into other areas of their businesses. You’re definitely in safe hands, we provide a 100% guarantee!

Outsmart, Outsell, Outgrow

Overcome the challenges of a saturated market, outperform your competitors, and turn a lack of sales into a thing of the past.