Meet the team

We’re lucky to have such a dedicated and talented team working on our mission. From the visionary founders to partners
who keep things running smoothly, you can see our core values are reflected in each of us.

James Bennett


Airline Pilot & Entrepreneur. James loves taking on crazy projects and making them a reality. The key to his success is his drive to never stop improving & ability to communicate with just about anyone!

James is our go-to guy for media relations and sales. He’s got all the contacts you need, and he always keeps his clients & business partners in the loop to take advantage of the latest opportunities. He’s still often found at the controls at 36,000′, so you can trust you’re in safe hands!

Oscar Hoole


Oscar is the backbone of Klicked and makes our partners’ visions come to life. His passion for solving problems, creating unique solutions & delivering results is the reason Klicked has been able to grow at such a fast pace.

Oscar’s ability to quickly bounce between high-level strategies ideas & small technical details is a testament to his time spent in the Army. He’s our main ‘behind-the-scenes’ guy & is always ready for huge challenges.

Oliver Kenyon


Fully qualified chef turned online entrepreneur. Oliver has over 10 years of experience scaling and exiting internet marketing businesses. He’s conversion rate obsessed and has probably audited more landing pages than anyone on the planet.

Oliver has an intuitive ability to turn bold visions into reality and plays a huge role in the direction & growth of Klicked. He’s often found motivating everyone around him & his infectious energy levels are what keep the team excited for the next challenge.

Andy Haskins


With over 10 years of experience in the CRO space, Andy is truly addicted to optimising everything from pages to processes. Internally nicknamed the “Automator” he’d create an automated process for eating his lunch if he could!

With know-how knowledge in multiple industries & his willingness to always bring value to the table, his ideas strategies and systems are what continue to influence Klicked to operate smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

Saad Abbasi

Head of Operations

Saad oversees operations at Klicked to ensure all moving parts are running smoothly. He’s always willing to go above & beyond for our clients & our team.

Saad is the key to the management & organisation of all work and tasks. His attention to detail in his areas of expertise is always observed & never fails to impress. Saad can often be found on the football pitch or in the kitchen, cooking something delicious for the team!


Head of Growth

As an ex-soldier, Douglas is a skilled storyteller, an active listener, and a generous collaborator with excellent communication, writing, and editorial skills. He’s always got a smile on his face and keeps the team going no matter what.

Douglas is the driving force planning and executing the content and monetization strategies for our partners. He crafts content that engages customers and aligns with brands messaging, branding, and voice.