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Marketers are distracted by the many websites and social networking sites available and forget the fact that email marketing still dominates international communication. Without a thorough email strategy, it is unlikely that the company will prosper and uphold the highest level of functionality over time.

But in order to do that, you also need to be aware of obscure details about this idea that go beyond the well-known email marketing features. Email, which is the first form of online communication, has experienced tremendous growth and developed into a sophisticated phenomenon.

This article will highlight some unusual features and teach you seven things about email marketing that you probably didn't know. Let's look at them now!

Email is used by 50% of people worldwide

Are you aware that there are almost four billion people using email actively? In essence, this means that email is used for personal and business communications by 50% of the world's population.

To demonstrate how incredible that number truly is, let's put things into perspective. For instance, despite having "only" two billion users, Facebook is by far the most popular social media site in the world.

The main idea is that email marketing campaigns give you the opportunity to connect with virtually every consumer. Email is a marketing tool that should be prioritised and placed at the top of your strategy because no other communication network can compare to it in terms of sheer volume.

Of course, four billion is just the beginning and gives you a significant lead generation advantage. Although you must first obtain targeted addresses, if nearly every consumer uses email for communication, it will be much simpler to gather hundreds or even thousands of verified leads.

In email marketing, timing is crucial

Timing is a crucial consideration in email marketing, despite what inexperienced marketers may think. Sending a message on a Saturday evening versus a Monday morning is completely different.

The report claims that sending emails on Tuesday around 10 AM will result in higher open and click-through rates for the typical business. However, keep in mind that we are only discussing typical businesses and audience types.

If you want to get the most out of your email newsletters, you should research the habits of your target market and determine the best time to send it to your subscribers.

You Must Send Welcome Emails

In relation to timing, you should not overlook sending a welcome message to a new subscriber when using email marketing. A welcome email typically receives an open rate of over 90% and a read rate that is 42% higher than the industry standard.

In other words, welcome emails are your best opportunity to introduce yourself to a new subscriber and inform them of your emailing preferences and the company as a whole. As soon as a lead subscribes, you should contact them because it will be simpler for them to remember your brand and convert them into devoted content consumers.

Email campaigns' success depends on their copywriting

Probably the most crucial component of email marketing is copywriting. If you want to keep the audience interested and motivate it to act, every aspect of your emails—from the subject line to the body—must be flawless.

Since only 50% of users choose to open emails based solely on their subject lines, it all begins with the headline. But that's only the first step; your copy must also be understandable, succinct, and persuasive.

Here’s how to write a great email in a few simple steps:

The Need for Professionalism

It doesn't take a comprehensive study to reach the conclusion that professionalism is essential in email marketing. If your content is shoddy and poorly done, it is impossible to make a good impression on subscribers. You must take care of extra details in addition to writing a meaningful text.

To start, it's important to proofread messages before sending them in order to catch any spelling or grammar errors. To automate the process and find errors, use programs like Grammarly or Hemingway.

Second, don't include attachments in the message because it will look spammy and suspicious and nobody will bother to open it. Thirdly, stay away from overly visual elements because they could harm the user experience and lower read rates.

An email only requires one CTA

Many marketers make the error of including an excessive number of CTA buttons in their newsletters. Even though it might seem like a sensible solution, it is actually a bad copywriting technique. Why is that?

You don't want to give subscribers more than one option because they will frequently become confused and ignore the message completely. In such cases, it is far more fruitful to focus solely on one objective and design just one CTA button per email.

The Impact of Data Analytics

Are you happy with the results of your email marketing campaigns? How would you know? You can hardly ever improve email marketing campaigns if you don't track key performance indicators. Data analytics makes the difference between successful businesses and their less prominent competitors.

It is your responsibility to monitor each message and determine how it performs. To distinguish between features with high and low performance, try out various approaches, experiment with various types of content, and gauge the responses from subscribers.

Almost every email platform comes with excellent data analytics functions. Therefore, pick the platform that is most effective for your company.

The Verdict

The oldest and most widely used marketing channel with a global reach is email. Without a comprehensive email marketing strategy, your company can hardly advance, which is why we chose to share some interesting facts about this communication method with you. We sincerely hope that this article has improved your understanding of the true worth of email campaigns and given you more motivation to strengthen your email marketing strategy.

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