Don’t waste the perfectly crafted copy you had in the email

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The One Simple (And Quick) Trick That Will Increase Open Rates And Skyrocket Your Email Revenue That You're Probably Not Doing.

It's no secret that low engagement rates are an email marketer's worst nightmare. When you see a low open rate your heart sinks. Every time.

I’m sure you can relate. You’ve spent hours writing some killer copy and made it look pleasing to the eye. It’s a real work of art. Your finest yet. You send it, lean back and smile.


The open rate is pitiful. Your smile has gone.

There must be a way to salvage this?

But of course.

You could resend it. Yes, you really could. But exercise some caution here. Read on for the foolproof plan of how to resend your killer email.

Resending your unopened emails a few days later can increase the open rate by 30%. It could also get you a boatload of unsubscribers too. So you need to be savvy.

To do this you need to first change the subject line of your email and ensure you send it to those who did not open the email the first time around. If you send it to those that have opened you'll probably see a few unsubscribes.

Tweak your subject line to another compelling one that changes the message slightly. There's a good chance you'll grab the attention of those that didn't connect with your first subject line. It’s a great way to see what subject lines work better.

And before you go scheduling the resend email make sure to check the previously used time and see if it could be optimised. Maybe instead of 11 am a resend at 7 pm could be better received by your audience.

And it really is that simple. There is no need to overcomplicate things or waste the perfectly crafted copy you had in the email.

It makes sense to give it another lease of life and boost the revenue for your brand.

(note: I could pad this out if you want more adding to it however I feel like this is clean and to the point.)

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