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For better email marketing overall, using a double opt-in subscription system can increase the quality of your contact list and email deliverability.

The debate between single and double opt-in continues to rage in email marketing. It will always be up to you, the marketer, to choose which is best for your company even though both sides have advantages and disadvantages.

This article will review the definition, advantages, and a few examples of double opt-ins to demonstrate their superiority. Afterwards, you can decide whether or not you think this type of subscription is right for your business!

Let’s start by defining double opt-in for those who aren’t familiar.

What Is Double Opt-In

Double opt-in is a method for growing your email list by adding new subscribers. To verify the contact information before adding it to the list, it entails gathering an email address via a signup form and sending a confirmation email to that address.

Double opt-in systems add an extra layer of security to prevent fake email addresses or contacts who aren't really interested in your emails from signing up, in contrast to single opt-in systems where subscribers submit their email address through a signup form and are immediately added to an email list.

Some marketers believe that this is bad because you're increasing the signup process's friction, but the end result could be a much higher quality list.

The Advantages Of Using Double Opt-in?

1. More Qualified Contacts

Using a double opt-in ensures that your list contains only valid email addresses, as we mentioned above. This is so that new subscribers can be added to the contact list by clicking "confirm" in this email inbox. This avoids problems caused by users entering incorrect email addresses or typos in the signup form.

Furthermore, subscribers who sign up but are only tangentially interested in your content may not be eager to confirm their subscription. These kinds of contacts won't benefit you in the long run. Instead, you'll waste time and effort attempting to re-engage a person who never showed much interest in either your company or your email campaigns.

So even if you lose out on one or two subscribers, just keep in mind that they probably weren't qualified to begin with.

2. Avoid GDPR Issues

If you have an opt-in process that complies with GDPR, you must be able to demonstrate proof of consent for each contact in your database.

While the GDPR does not mandate a double opt-in, it can be useful for providing clear evidence that the contact opted-in by clicking to confirm their email address. Having an additional layer of security against someone entering another person's email address without their knowledge is also beneficial.

3. Stronger Relationship With New Contacts From Day One

Your first communication with new subscribers occurs when you launch your first regular email campaign or newsletter when using a single opt-in process.

Contrarily, double opt-ins call for you to send a first transactional email so that subscribers can confirm their contact information. Why not also use this as an introduction email?

Utilise the chance to introduce your company, showcase your brand, and include a heartfelt message welcoming new subscribers. Because the subscriber learns a little bit more about you before receiving one of your standard email campaigns, this gives them a more customised experience.

4. Improve Deliverability

A double opt-in process will inherently help improve your email deliverability in addition to the advantages mentioned above.

How so? You can avoid adding any phoney email addresses to your contact list by using double opt-ins. This way, you’re unlikely to get any hard bounces in your email campaigns. Your sender reputation is damaged by hard bounces brought on by sending to spam traps and bogus email addresses.

By requiring an additional step during signup, double opt-in also guarantees that your subscribers are sincere in their desire to receive your emails. They will therefore be more likely to interact with your emails and less likely to mark them as spam or unsubscribe. Additionally, both of those factors support reliable deliverability.

And that, my friends, is it. The argument for double opt-in and why it’s vital to your list.

Remember, having 100k people on your list with no real intention of engaging with your business is less valuable than having 1k hardcore fans. Quality, not quantity.

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