Building an Effective Holiday Email Marketing Strategy in 2022

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The Christmas season is one of the most anticipated times of the year because of the cheer it brings to all of us. Employees are excited to take a break, families get to be together again, and people buy gifts left and right. If you are a business owner, this is your chance to be a superstar at marketing your products and services to your cheery, holiday-spirited consumers.

One of the many ways you can leverage the holiday season for your business is email marketing. Holiday email marketing can boost your sales and build long-term relationships with your consumers– especially when planned and executed properly.

What Makes Email the Perfect Marketing Tool for Holidays?

Holiday email marketing became its own sub-genre of email marketing for good reasons. It is affordable, effective, and easily personalized. This age-old marketing saying still rings true today: Talking to everyone is talking to no one. Email marketing is easily customizable, therefore increasing its appeal to your consumers.

Holiday email marketing also makes shopping 100x easier for your consumers since they don’t have to drive to the department store, line up, and conquer the Christmas crowd. They could just sit comfortably at home and shop on their phones and computers while drinking eggnogs. Your email recipients can have an optimized holiday shopping experience through carefully designed calls to action and sales funnels.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to start building your holiday email campaign.

Better personalization

Email personalization is the practice of sending highly targeted emails to your consumers using pieces of information that you have about them. These may include their first and last names, company or business affiliation, location, and purchase history.

This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth all the time and effort. According to a study by Experian, personalized emails generate six times (6x) higher transaction rates. And a 2016 study by Statista found that the open rate for personalized emails was 18.8%, compared to those without any degree of personalization at 13.1%.

Smoother onboarding

One of the strengths of email marketing is its ability to convert one-time buyers into repeat customers. If you have a list of warm leads that bought once over the year, the holidays are the perfect time to reignite that relationship.

Being easily customized into targeted segments, email campaigns can raise your customer lifetime value by keeping your brand top-of-mind and fresh in the inbox.

Instant Buying

Your audience can go through the purchasing process straight from the email without actively opening other apps or websites. So there’s a lower chance of losing them mid-journey. Also, as part of your email personalization, you can curate a special listing of products that will most likely generate a sale according to the information you have about your consumer.

Now that we know the core benefits of holiday email marketing let’s discuss how to craft a foolproof holiday email marketing strategy.

How to Time Your Holiday Marketing

Aside from the actual content of your emails, the timing by which you send them is also crucial to getting a higher open rate and click-through rate.

The holiday season is extremely busy for businesses, and the competition to remain relevant is cutthroat. So, properly timing your emails will ensure that you are remembered when your consumers are inspired to make a purchase. Here are three tips:

How to Design a Holiday Email Strategy That Converts

Everybody can write and design emails, but not all emails convert prospects to customers. The difference lies in the details. Here are 12 guidelines for crafting email marketing campaigns that would keep Santa busy delivering gifts bought from you!

Emulate the Holiday Spirit

Christmas has its own visual identity, complete with wreaths, reindeers and their sleigh, snow, poinsettia flowers, and a Christmas tree. Christmas even has its own font genre. That’s how festive the season is. When you write and design your emails, make sure to add holiday elements to them. Use emojis on your subject lines and headlines. Use attention-grabbing words and festive lines to keep things cheery!

Doing so reminds your audience that it is indeed the season of giving. And you are helping them eliminate their gift-giving anxiety (more on this later) by presenting great options.

Make it Mobile Friendly

Use Customer Segmentation

Consider Automated Campaigns

What is email automation, you may ask?

It’s the process of setting up emails so that they automatically send the correct email to the correct person at the correct time. Say you have an automated cart-abandonment email; the activity (cart-abandonment) will trigger your email marketing tool to send a message reminding the customer of their unfinished purchase. This is especially helpful during the holiday season because consumers continuously weigh their options to get the most value from their money.

Create a Dedicated Purchase Page

Your holiday campaigns should not end with the emails. The call to action button is best paired with a dedicated purchase page– one that’s designed with Christmas elements to keep your intent coherent. Also, having a dedicated purchase page can be designed to automatically apply special holiday promotions, like discounts and Christmas bundles.

Send Out Gift Guides

Gift-giving, especially the part where you have to think of what to give, can be daunting. In fact, we have a term for it– gift-giving anxiety. People get stressed about the idea that their recipients will not like the gifts they buy them. You can leverage this by sending out gift guides centered on your products. You can also include a few good reasons why your products are perfect gifts.

Alleviate Shopping Worries

Even though the current state of online shopping is very convenient to consumers, most are still worried that their orders will not make it to Christmas. You can get past this shopping worry by reminding your consumers of the cut-off date for orders to arrive before Christmas eve. You could also remind them that you offer expedited shipping with an extra fee. This works because it shows that you do not want their holidays spoiled because of late gifts. Just be proactive.

Create a Sense of Urgency

The best thing about the holiday season is that you don’t have to fake your sense of urgency because it’s true that products are selling out faster than usual. When we are reminded that products are limited, we decide faster. Just remember to mind the way you say it. Instead of just telling them that stocks are selling out, add a note that you’re saving a few pieces for them or that you don’t want them to be empty-handed this Christmas.

Appeal to Your Customer’s Values

The holidays are also a great time to remind them of your brand’s core values. Do you donate part of your proceeds to charity? Tell them a story about it. Are you all about saving trees? Tell them how many trees you’ve saved this year. Are you carbon neutral or negative? Tell your consumers how they helped you in your mission.

We are in the age of the conscious shopper. People support brands with a heart and brands with a mission. And it’s especially important this holiday season because we are more emotionally open. It’s the Christmas spirit.

Create a Post-Holiday Campaign

You should continue with holiday email marketing because the days after the season are just as important as the season itself. When you have already invested time and effort into marketing your brand during the holidays, you should keep it consistent throughout the year. Think of it as your new year’s resolution.

Just being active during the holidays or special commerce events may not look good on your brand. Being consistent with at least 5 emails a month will help your brand remain fresh and top of mind. You don’t always have to have a sale or run a promotion. You can send user-generated content, trivia, and other brand-related content that your consumers would find valuable.

Ensure Thorough Testing

Throughout the holiday email campaign, you should pay close attention to the metrics that your emails generate. This will allow you to adjust certain aspects of the campaign if you see that they perform differently than you intended. You can also split-test your email messaging to see which resonates with your audience better. Consult an email marketing expert (such as ourselves at Klicked) and discuss how you can achieve metric and revenue goals together.

Holiday Email Marketing Made Easier By Klicked

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