How to Deal with Mistakes in Marketing Emails


"That looks off," you say.

Your pulse quickens. Your career flashes before your eyes. Anxiety ensues.

Even the best of us make email marketing mistakes. It's critical to keep in mind that you are not alone whether you recently made one or fear making one.

Email marketers must maintain a certain level of perfectionism because they are the gatekeepers to the best performing marketing channel. But that doesn’t mean we’re perfect.

Email is so intricate. There are quick turnaround times and large volume. And with more than 15,000 potential email renderings, mistakes are unavoidable.

Read on to learn how to respond to any potential mistakes you make along the way.

Is the mistake minor, unoffensive, and obvious to your readers as a mistake?

It is best to let this error go if your response is "yes." Although these errors are understandably embarrassing, they don't offend your subscribers or prevent them from understanding the message and responding to the call to action.

Is the send still in progress, or is the campaign automated?

Depending on the timing and audience size, you might be able to stop sending your email even after it has been deployed.

An automated campaign can be stopped, fixed, and then restarted if an error is discovered.

Can you fix the error or eliminate the confusion after sending?

Even though you can't change an email's code once it has been sent, you can make changes to the content by updating image files, changing live content, rerouting URLs, and clarifying the messaging on the landing page.

Does the error affect all your subscribers?

Some errors might not be experienced by everyone depending on your email programme. A targeted email correction or apology may be the best course of action in this situation.

The most common way that brands achieve this is by beginning their subject line with a word like "Oops," "Sorry," or "Correction."

Does the mistake require damage control?

Some email marketing errors affect much more than just subscribers. You might need to involve your public relations, legal, call centre, social media, and other teams in situations where there is a significant impact.

Can I make changes to reduce the chance of this mistake happening again in the future?

Even though errors are unavoidable, they can be prevented by putting the proper safety measures in place.

Every time your company is recovering from a significant email marketing error, it is worthwhile to look back at what went wrong and assess whether any process changes are required.


Even though we long for an "unsend" button, the best we can hope for is to take stock of our mistakes and grow from them. With examples from email marketers themselves, learn more about how you can fix email marketing errors and preserve your brand reputation.

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