Reduce Your Email Unsubscribes By 20–30% With The Snooze Flow

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Wanna know how you can cut your email unsubscribe rate by up to 20 to 30% in 20 minutes?

Read on.

The Snooze Flow is an email marketing tactic that can lower unsubscribe rates for your clients without altering the content of their emails.

As an alternative to unsubscribing, it enables subscribers to "snooze" emails for a specified amount of time with just one click in the email message's footer.

Implementing this strategy does take a little bit of technical "know-how" in Klaviyo or your ESP. However, once you've done it, it will greatly lower your email unsubscribe rate and reap enormous rewards.

Why The Email Footer Needs an Update

As more and more brands enter the market, marketing emails have changed and evolved over time.

Amazing innovation has been demonstrated in copy, design, and dynamic content. However, it's interesting to note that one component of marketing emails has not changed all that much over time: the footer.

Currently, when you open a typical marketing email, you only have five options as a reader:

Now, what we try to avoid is people unsubscribing. Here’s another way. The snooze flow.

What Is A Snooze Flow?

The Snooze Flow is a tactic that combines an automated flow inside your email marketing tool with a unique link in the footer of your emails.

The Snooze Flow's objective is to give your subscribers a choice between unsubscribing and having their subscription "snoozed for a specific number of days." Because you're giving them a less drastic option, this can significantly reduce the number of people who end up opting out of your emails for good.

And it's only after presenting them with that option to snooze you that you present the unsubscribe option.

When a user clicks the "snooze link," they will not receive any of your regular broadcast email campaigns for those number of days.

While doing so gives the reader a break from your messages, it also keeps them on your list. They aren't unsubscribed by it.

By doing this, you increase reader flexibility, lower unsubscribe rates, and safeguard deliverability. Overall, everyone benefits.

Setting it up

It takes a little technical "know-how" to set up a Snooze Flow for your brand in Klaviyo, but it's really not that difficult once you understand how it works.

It only requires a few steps to complete the process.

Step 1: Using Klaviyo, manually add the "Snooze" property to any profile.

You must first add a custom property to a profile in your system before you can base a segment in Klaviyo on it.

So pull up any profile in Klaviyo and manually add a custom property called "Snooze" and set it equal to "True".

Step 2: Create a "Snoozed Subscribers" segment

Create a new segment in Klaviyo called "Snoozed Subscribers," which will include anyone whose profile contains the Snooze property and is set to "True."

Step 3: Set Up Your "Snooze Flow"

Create a new flow in Klaviyo called "Snooze" that is activated whenever someone joins the segment "Snoozed Subscribers."

The mechanics of this flow are very simple.

All it does is wait 30 days, and then remove the "Snooze" property from the subscribers' profile.

Step 4: Create a segment labeled "Exclude From Campaigns"

You might want to exclude email subscribers from your regular broadcast email campaigns on a number of occasions. When they are in an automated flow, after they have made a purchase from you, or during a "snooze" period are some examples of when this occurs.

In order to accomplish this, we add a new segment to Klaviyo called "Exclude from Campaigns," which contains all of the people we want to suppress. Additionally, we make sure to include "Snooze = True" in the definition.

Step 5: Design Your Snooze Footer

This is where everything starts to make sense! Scroll down to the footer in your main email template.

Add a new line of text that reads, "Need a Break from Emails? Snooze Us for 30 Days By Clicking Here," above the unsubscribe option.

Here comes the trickiest part. This text needs a unique link that, when clicked, adds the "Snooze" custom property to the user's profile.

An important note - make sure the protocol of the link is set to "other". Otherwise, this won't function.

Step 6: Exclude Snoozed Subscribers From Your Campaigns

You just need to confirm that you actually exclude these people from your regular campaigns now that the mechanics are finished.

To accomplish this, each time you send a campaign in Klaviyo, add the "Exclude From Campaigns" segment to your suppression list.

Once that's done... that's it! You've successfully set up a Snooze flow that gives people an alternative to unsubscribing from your email list.A Snooze flow that gives people an alternative to unsubscribing from your email list has been successfully set up.

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