The Importance Of Subject Lines With Email Marketing


In businesses that rely on email marketing and other digital strategies for promotional success, the subject of subject lines is brought up frequently. The words you use in the subject line can make or break your efforts, whether you're sending an email blast to all of your customers or to a specific media contact.

At Klicked, the ability to connect with the right people through email is our vital to our success. As a rapidly expanding email and SMS marketing company, we have created strategies to increase click-through rates and the effectiveness of email communications with target audiences.

Knowing Why Subject Lines Are Important

In the hectic business environment of today, email overload is a fact. Nearly everyone receives an abundance of email communications, from prospects to media contacts, all vying for the recipient's time and attention.

The majority of people spend just a fraction of a second scanning email subject fields in order to filter out pointless or irrelevant messages. Even though the email's main body may contain information that is valuable and useful to their business, if the subject line doesn't grab their attention right away, they move on to the next message in their inboxes.

The importance of subject lines becomes even more clear when you consider that a short, one-line description of your email may be your first and only shot at connecting with a customer or business contact.

What You Need to Know

You can emphasize the significance of subject lines in your organization by following a few general rules. Although there are different strategies for creating compelling subject lines, by attempting to include the following qualities in your emails, you can significantly increase the outcomes of your email marketing efforts.


Your subject line is the foot in the door. Without an attention-grabbing subject line, your well-crafted email is wasted. Be different and you will see your emails opened more and this translates into greater revenue.

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