Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs This Power Trio


Let me ask you...

Do you want to scale your business? Do you want to maximise profits and reduce loss?

You do?

This is for you then.

When building or growing your brand, it's useful to consider earned, owned, and paid media.

This trio is essential as part of your marketing strategy. If your marketing strategy is missing one of these you're leaving money on the table.

Let me explain by breaking them down.

Owned Media

Owned media comes from your websites, social media, video content and so on. This media is good for those who already know a bit about your brand. They follow you on social media or sign up to your email.

You have control over the creation of this content. You are likely to use it to establish a customer base. A base that will go on to share this content with their audience.

Owned media forms your company's identity online and is thus powerful. But, it's no use on its own. You have to get people there in the first place.

Earned Media

Earned media is the most trusted media of the three as it comes from outside of your business.

Earned media is when the press, customers or other parties distribute your media.

In short, this is social proof that you deliver on what you say you do.

This is the most valuable and hardest to get.

Paid Media

This is the media that you as a business pay for. Think of media like:

- TV ads
- Google ads
- Facebook ads

This is powerful media, especially in the early stages of your business. But people know it's paid for so you have to exercise caution in its use. The key is to not overdo it.

If you keep seeing a brand pop up everywhere you are, it's going to annoy you.

Combining The Trio

The best practice would be to utilise all three types of media in your marketing strategy.

Here's how you could do it.

Imagine that you have a new product that you want to roll out.

1. Owned media.

2. Paid media

3. Earned media

This is the sharpest way to gain credibility as a brand. Easy isn't it?

Using this trio will benefit your brand by extending your reach further than if you used one on its own.

And that's it.

A quick and easy breakdown of the power trio that you need in your marketing strategy. I guarantee you're neglecting one of them right now.

Which one is it?

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