The CrunchCup

User-focused brand experience

As of March 1st 2022, the CrunchCup™ has captured viral attention with more than 80 million views on social media and has been featured in dozens of online publications including; The Today Show, Forbes, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Engadget Food and Wine and More.

The CrunchCup wanted a comprehensive email strategy consisting of
automation & specifically timed promotional campaigns
to ensure they weren't leaving money on the table. We are
helping them drive an extra 25%-35% in revenue every month.

The CrunchCup Results

18x Increase in Email Marketing Revenue

AOV from $28 to $35

Custom Email Designs to Fit Their Brand Image

We’ve tried years to get our email marketing strategy right. We have tried literally everything –
doing it in-house to working with Klaviyo’s official team. But none of them have generated such
results that you guys are currently getting us. I really hope this partnership will last forever.

Kevin Meyer

The CrunchCup

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