How To Increase Your Revenue By Surveying Your Customer

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If you run an eCom store and you're not surveying customers, you're burning money.

Your customers know everything. They know what they like, don’t like, want, need, hate, crave etc.

So tell me, why aren’t you doing surveys? Why aren’t you sending surveys once a month?

Two things I can tell you about surveys:

By getting into the mind of your customers you can:

Here are some questions you could introduce:

Don’t scrimp on this process as it could mean the difference between extra revenue or going out of business. A good business owner and marketer know that the market chooses, not them.

Flow Survey vs Campaign Survey

There are two times you can introduce surveys for your customers.

In flows such as the 'thank you' flow and as standalone campaigns. You must do both.

Doing them in flows such as the 'thank you' flow gives you the opportunity to get ongoing feedback about a. number of factors whilst it's fresh in the customer's mind.

Things like:

You get the idea.

Look for opportunities in flows where you can get specific feedback. Add a survey email to them and test them. If they are useful then keep them. If not then change or remove them.

Campaigns are great for when you are looking to get a larger pool of specific feedback. It may be that you're looking to rebrand or change some elements of what you do. There's no better place to get this info than from existing customers. you can even create a survey for nun customers to understand why they haven't purchased.

How Do I Do it?

Start with identifying an initiative. Offer a discount or do a prize giveaway. This will encourage a lot more people to give you that valuable feedback.

Then choose your mode of creating the form. (Google docs or Type-form are good)

You can create surveys as part of existing flows and also as standalone campaigns.

One key thing is to use segmentation for these. For example, you can use segments like subscribers, lapsed customers and non-buyers. This means you can get specific in your survey questions.

And that’s it.

I hope you found some value in this.

If you have any questions then drop me a message.

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